Postdoctoral associates
We have 1 opening for a postdoctoral associate in experimental biophysics/biochemistry. Motivated and talented candidates with background in Cell biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics or Bioengineering are encouraged to apply. Prior experience in cytoskeleton dynamics and/or single molecule techniques will be beneficial but is not required. If you are interested in joining our interdisciplinary team, please send a cover letter describing your research interests and your CV to Shashank Shekhar.
Staff Scientist/ Technician /
Lab manager
We have an opening for a technician/lab manager/staff scientist with prior experience in protein purification and basic molecular biology techniques. The main function would be to purify commonly used lab proteins, ordering reagents and general lab management. Please email Shashank if interested.
Prospective graduate students considering applying to grad school should contact Shashank Shekhar to discuss possibilities in our lab. Shashank is a member of the Physics as well as the Biochemistry, Cell and Developmental Biology (BCDB) graduate programs, so we welcome students with training in physical or biological sciences.
Graduate students already enrolled at Laney Graduate School at Emory should contact Shashank to discuss rotation projects.

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